Water Testing Illinois

PDC is a water testing lab in Illinois, providing all sorts of environmental testing and analysis. We have locations across the state, in Chicago, Peoria, and downstate in Springfield.

PDC Laboratories is a professional institution that offers water testing in Illinois. We deal with sampling, physical and chemical analysis, instrumental and pesticide analysis, organics and floatable analysis, and treatability studies. We provide information on the preparation of standard chemicals, chemical reactions, factors for saturation, conversion factors, and different guidelines and standards. We aim to provide pertinent data to environmentalists, biologists, industries, academicians, practicing chemists, and other policy-making bodies that are concerned with water usage and disposal.

Quality Water Testing in Illinois

For quality water testing, PDC Laboratories is ready to help. We also offer other services, including the following:

  • Wastewater Analysis in Missouri
  • Water Testing in Illinois
  • Landfill Monitoring in Illinois
  • Wastewater Testing in Illinois

PDC has water testing labs in Illinois & Springfield. View our locations here.