Wastewater Testing Missouri

PDC Laboratories is dedicated to supporting our clients’ needs for timely and accurate data. When it comes to wastewater testing in Missouri, we provide dedicated water sampling and testing equipment that are specially selected and maintained for the rigors of field use. PDC Laboratories maximizes its partnership with the client to come up with the optimum testing protocol, and to keep routine periodic monitoring needs on-track and up-to-date.

Reliable wastewater testing in Missouri is performed by the professionals at PDC Laboratories who have worked on regularly updating their skills to keep abreast with modern methods. We have provided hundreds of analyses of wastewater for various applications. Wastewater testing and analysis are done in relation to the Clean Water Act. Our tests will be able to detect the level of pollutants in wastewater, including sediments, metals, pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, nutrients, and bacteria.

Wastewater Testing Methods in Missouri

Because all natural waterways contain bacteria and nutrients, almost any waste compounds introduced into such waterways will initiate biochemical reactions. These biochemical reactions create a type of wastewater testing method measured in the laboratory as the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). BOD is the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic microorganisms in a body of water to break down organic material present in a given water sample at certain temperature over a specific time period.

There are also chemicals that are liable to be broken down using strong oxidizing agents. Wastewater testing in Missouri involving these chemical reactions is known as the chemical oxygen demand (COD). Both the BOD and COD tests measure the relative oxygen-depletion effect of a waste contaminant. BOD and COD are also both widely adopted as a measure of pollution effect. The COD test measures the oxygen demand of oxidizable pollutants.

Reliable Wastewater Testing in Missouri

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