Wastewater Testing Illinois

Sewage is the subset of wastewater that is contaminated with feces or urine. This type of wastewater also includes domestic, municipal, or industrial liquid waste products that are usually disposed through a pipe or sewer. When a sewage system breaks down, harmful contamination to other passageways of water used for other purposes can occur. Wastewater testing in Illinois is required in this case, to make sure that the extent of the damage is mitigated, and no further contamination happens.

Wastewater testing in Illinois also makes sure that effluent from sewage treatment plants discharge water that is safe for bodies of water. If wastewater testing is not performed, pathogens and other harmful substances can remain untreated or unfiltered, and can make their way to rivers and lakes during the discharge process. These substances can ultimately have adverse effects on aquatic and marine ecosystems. Wastewater testing in Illinois prevents water pollution from happening.

Wastewater Quality Indicators

Wastewater testing in Illinois involves quality indicators that are essentially laboratory tests to assess suitability of wastewater for disposal or re-use. These tests are designed to measure the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the wastewater. While wastewater testing in Illinois may yield results that vary with the intended use or discharge location, certain standards apply with regards to the quality of wastewater being discharged.

The results obtained from wastewater testing in Illinois can tell whether additional disinfectants or other chemicals are needed during the treatment process to help settle or strip out nutrients including phosphorus or nitrogen. Examples of nutrient removal systems include coagulant addition for phosphorus removal, and air stripping for ammonia removal. This ensures that the nutrients do not interfere with the natural habitat of fish and plant life.

Professional Wastewater Testing in Illinois

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