Wastewater Testing Illinois

With 85 years of experience as a water testing lab, PDC can help with wastewater testing in Illinois. We have locations across the state, in Chicago, Peoria, & Springfield.

Wastewater testing is important because it can prevent contamination of other waterways transporting clean water. The testing also makes sure that the discharge from sewage treatment plants does not affect other bodies of water. If wastewater testing is not performed, pathogens and other harmful substances can remain untreated or unfiltered, and can make their way to rivers and lakes during the discharge process. The results obtained from wastewater testing in Illinois can tell whether additional disinfectants or other chemicals are needed during the treatment process to help settle or strip out nutrients including phosphorus or nitrogen. 

Professional Wastewater Testing in Illinois

If what you need is professional wastewater testing, trust in PDC Laboratories to help you. We also offer other professional services, including the following:

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