Wastewater Analysis Missouri

Wastewater is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by human activities. This type of water is often contaminated with harmful substances such as human waste, sullage, oils and fuel, fertilizers and pesticides, and various microbes. Wastewater analysis in Missouri studies the composition of wastewater in a certain area and identifies the levels of contamination or toxicity to determine the correct treatment procedures before they are discharged to bodies of water.

Municipal wastewater is usually conveyed in a sanitary sewer and treated at a wastewater treatment plant. These treatment plants need to comply with certain standards to ensure the effectiveness of their operations. Wastewater analysis in Missouri looks into the outlets of the plants and tests the constituents of treated wastewater to make sure that they no longer contain harmful substances, and to confirm that treatment procedures were applied correctly.

Expert Wastewater Analysis in Missouri

For expert wastewater analysis in Missouri, only experienced professionals with the latest tools and updated methodologies are qualified to provide pertinent data to sewage treatment plants. PDC Laboratories routinely performs influent and effluent monitoring, pretreatment monitoring, NPDES analyses, industrial pretreatment monitoring, and troubleshooting analyses. We perform wastewater analysis in Missouri by providing real-time data to those concerned with treating wastewater.

As part of our wastewater analysis in Missouri, PDC Laboratories also analyzes the primary pollutant metals listed for NPDES Special Conditions Permits’ annual and semiannual requirements of wastewater and sludge, as well as annual testing for the organic priority pollutants. PDC can also complete Discharge Monitoring reports on your behalf, as well as perform biosolid testing requirements for the US EPA Land Application regulations, and other routine monitoring.

Intensive Wastewater Analysis in Missouri

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