Wastewater Analysis Illinois

PDC Labs is the environmental testing lab trusted for wastewater analysis in Illinois. We have labs serving all of Illinois, with locations in Chicago, Peoria, and Springfield.

Our experts will use data to formulate treatment methods that will ultimately reduce or remove organic matter, solids, nutrients, disease-causing organisms and other pollutants from the treated wastewater before it is discharged to a body of water. Wastewater analysis helps prevent certain microbes from passing through the standard treatment filters and make their way to bodies of water. These pathogens or toxins can kill fish and other aquatic life. Bacteria from animal wastes and improper connections of drainage systems can cause excessive wastewater contamination and can make lakes and waterways unsafe for wading, swimming, and fish consumption. 

Essentials of Wastewater Analysis in Illinois

To ensure the efficient operation of any wastewater treatment plant, data that is pertinent to the current conditions of the wastewater that it processes should be studied through proper wastewater analysis in Illinois. Only then can the treatment plant operators be able to apply contamination-specific procedures to make sure that outlets that lead to the natural bodies of water discharge relatively clean and safe water. Conclusive wastewater analysis in Illinois heavily relies on real-time and accurate data.

Among the numerous identifiers that are scrutinized through wastewater analysis in Illinois are three different but equally important sets of measurements that are included in standard analysis. These include parameters that are essential to cleaning processes where the pH is measured at the inlet and dissolved oxygen is measured in the aeration tank, efficiency parameters that include biological and chemical oxygen demand, and optimization parameters such as ammonium, nitrates, and phosphorous.

Expert Wastewater Analysis in Illinois

Results from wastewater analysis can affect many industries and processes. Let PDC Laboratories help you with this test, including other services such as the following:

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