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The EPA's UCMR4 required testing of water quality will begin in January of 2018. This means now is is the time to start looking for EPA-approved laboratories for UCMR4 testing.

As part of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), the EPA requires periodic (5 year) monitoring of water quality from public water supply systems under the Unregulated Contaminat Monitoring Rule (UCMR). UCMR4 is the fourth cycle of monitoring.

Unregulated is a keyword regarding this monitoring. The thirty chemical contaminants in UCMR4 are currently unregulated in drinking water. UCMR4's purpose is to learn if these thirty compounds occur at a frequency and concentration in public water supplies to warrant their further investigation, routine monitoring and further controls.

PDC Laboratories, Inc. is one of a few labs seeking approval for all 8 test methods. There's no better choice than PDC Laboratories, Inc. for UCMR4 testing.

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UCMR4 Testing: Everything You Need To Know

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What is UCMR4 testing?

In UCMR testing, sampling occurs at a source water intake location, as well as at entry points to and certain points within the distribution system.

Only EPA-approved laboratories can analyze UCMR4 constituents, except for the DBP Indicators (TOC and Bromide). Even for those indicators, labs must provide the EPA with state certifications.




Who needs UCMR4 testing? 

The EPA requires that all community water systems serving more than 10,000 people, and a selected list of 800 small (systems that serve 25 – 10,000 people), participate in UCMR4. EPA is providing UCMR4 monitoring for all pre-selected small systems.


Important note: Large water systems who participated in UCMR3 will not be receiving letters from EPA but are still required to login to the CDX system and approve their monitoring plan and schedule.


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When will UCMR4 testing begin?

The EPA will require sampling starting in January of 2018 and continue until 2020. Participating systems have until 12-31-17 to confirm their site plan.

Testing for Cyanotoxins will occur during a four-consecutive month period from March 2018 through November 2020. Testing for an additional 20 chemicals will occur during a 12-month period from January 2018 through December 2020.

UCMR4 Approved Labs

The EPA is very judicious regarding which labs it gives the approval to oversee UCMR4 testing. We are pleased to announce that PDC Laboratories, Inc. is one of the nationally approved laboratories for this program.

To learn more about UCMR4-approved labs, visit our comprehensive guide.

More About the Safe Drinking Water Act

In 1974, Congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act to protect public health and regulate the public drinking water supply. After amendments in 1986 and 1996, the law now requires many actions and applies to virtually all sources of public water (excluding private wells which serve fewer than 25 individuals).

The SDWA authorizes the EPA to set national standards for drinking water quality to protect against naturally-occurring and man-made contaminants that may be found in drinking water. US EPA, states, and water systems then work together to make sure that these standards are met.

The list of threats to drinking water includes: improperly disposed of chemicals; animal wastes; pesticides; human threats; wastes injected underground; and naturally-occurring substances can all contaminate drinking water. To ensure the safety of drinking water, the SDWA created systems to protect our drinking water from these threats: source water protection, treatment, distribution system integrity, and public information. 

Water systems treat the water and must test their water frequently for specified contaminants and report the results to states. If a water system is not meeting these standards, it is the water supplier’s responsibility to notify its customers. Most water suppliers now are also required to prepare annual reports for their customers.

UCMR4 Testing | PDC Laboratories, Inc.