UCMR4 Environmental Laboratory Testing

PDC Laboratories, Inc. is a fully approved environmental testing lab for all UCMR4 methods!

PDC Laboratories will provide the sampling kit, UCMR data electronically uploaded into the EPA CDX SDWARS site, 24/7 access to your data via PDC’s Client Connect password‐protected site, and sampling technical assistance at no additional charge.

All large Public Water Supplies (PWS) serving 10,000 or more people are required to participate and are responsible for selecting an approved lab, sample collection and cost. The EPA will also randomly select 800 small PWS’s (serving <10,000) to participate and will pay the costs associated with monitoring at small systems.



UCMR4 Methods

Total Metals, EPA 200.8, Germanium and Manganese 
Microsystin, EPA 546 (ELISA)
Pesticides, EPA 525.3
Semivolatiles, EPA 530
Alcohols, EPA 541
Microsystins & Nodularin, EPA 544
Cylindrospermopsin & Anatoxin‐a, EPA 545
Haloacetic Acids, M552.3
Total Organic Carbon (TOC), SM5310C
Bromide, EPA 300.0

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