Many of our forms can be filled out electronically and saved for future use. This helps our sample control technicians log your samples more accurately to save you time!

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Lab Network Forms



Chain of Custody


Chain of Custody - Bacti/Microbiology


Chain of Custody - Fluoride


Sample Acceptance Policy



Material Safety Data Sheets

IEPA Municipal Drinking Water Sampling Instructions

Senate Bill 0550 Lead Testing

Ammonium Chloride
DCFS Daycare Policy on Leads
Ascorbic Acid
Inorganic Chemical (IOC)
Daycare Lead Chain of Custody
Diazolidinyl Urea
Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC)
EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid)
Disinfection Bi-Products (THM/HAA)

Residential Information

EDTA Trisodium Salt
Well Disinfection Procedure
Nitric Acid
Nitrite / Nitrate
Micro Sampling Procedure
Potassium Dihydrogen Citrate
Lead & Copper
VOC Sampling Procedure
Sodium Bisulfate
Radiological (Rads 226, 228) Gross Alpha
Sodium Sulfite
Synthetic Organic Chemicals (SOC)
Sodium Thiosulfate
Sulfuric Acid
Tris Hydrochloride


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