The Training, Technology & Expertise To Assure Lab-Quality Field Samples & Record Keeping PDC testing water

PDC Laboratories' skilled field sampling teams bring extensive experience to your sampling projects. Each sampler has completed the Nielsen Environmental Field School Training program for groundwater sampling. Our samplers routinely perform groundwater and wastewater sampling using techniques such as low flow, micro purge, traditional bailing, and submersible pumps.

Our field team is equipped with 4-wheel-drive vehicles and ATV's, allowing them to access sites in most locations and conditions within the Midwest. Team members have gone through the 32-hour HAZWOPER training as well as MSHA 30 CFR Part 46 and Part 48 24-hour Surface Miner training. Our field samplers are proficient in laboratory techniques and have the necessary record-keeping skills to ensure laboratory-quality field samples and records are maintained.

We also have other equipment available including composite samplers, auto-samplers and air sampling equipment.

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