Stormwater Testing Missouri

When rain and snowmelt flow from streets, construction sites, and land into storm sewers and ditches, the water washes away pollutants as a result of the runoff. Eventually, this surge empties the polluted stormwater directly into streams and rivers with no treatment. When this happens, stormwater pollution occurs. Stormwater testing in Missouri lets experts measure the amount of pollutants that is present in stormwater runoff, and track the sources of pollutants to bring them to a more manageable level.

Without stormwater testing in Missouri, we allow polluted stormwater to degrade our lakes, rivers, wetlands and other waterways. Nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen can cause the overgrowth of algae which results in oxygen depletion in waterways. Toxic substances from motor vehicles, and the careless application of pesticides and fertilizers threaten water quality. Stormwater testing in Missouri checks for the quality of stormwater runoff that leads to the bodies of water.

Experts in Stormwater Testing in Missouri

Accurate stormwater testing in Missouri requires the expertise of professionals who have worked on the effects of pollutants to stormwater runoff for many years. PDC Laboratories has provided hundreds of analyses of stormwater for compliance monitoring. Stormwater testing and analysis are related to the Clean Water Act, which requires analytical methods listed in the Federal Register. Pollutants including sediments, metals, pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, nutrients, and bacteria are detected.

When it comes to stormwater testing in Missouri, PDC Laboratories participates in the Federal Water Pollution Quality Control study, the Major Dischargers study, private round robin quality control studies, and accreditation related blind studies. We are also active participants in the industry through memberships with the Water Environment Federation, WEF Chapters, and numerous regional wastewater operator groups.

Professional Stormwater Testing in Missouri

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