Stormwater Testing Illinois

PDC Labs is the environmental testing lab trusted for stormwater testing in Illinois. Our experts are well-versed in stormwater testing procedures and are dedicated to bringing pertinent and real-time data with regards to stormwater contamination. We have locations in Chicago, Peoria, and downstate in Springfield. 

Stormwater is water from precipitation such as rain or melting snow that does not seep into the ground. This water flows from rooftops directly over paved areas, bare soil, and sloped lawns. As stormwater flows, the runoff collects and transports different substances including fertilizers, pesticides, salts, animal waste, various litters, oil and grease, and other potential pollutants. Stormwater testing in Illinois measures the amount of contaminants that are contained in stormwater runoff.

Stormwater testing in Illinois entails predicting when precipitation will be able to provide significant stormwater flow. It is for this reason that timing and preparation are needed in capturing an accurate representative stormwater rainfall sample. Providing timely, high-quality, and accurate stormwater data allows professionals to carefully study the constituents of the stormwater runoff, and identify whether a certain area needs attention when it comes to proper drainage.

Expert Stormwater Testing in Illinois

PDC Laboratories uses modern, automated sampling and monitoring equipment to provide representative and accurate water quality data. Stormwater testing in Illinois involves an interdisciplinary approach to make sure that pollutants in runoff from surface water do not make their way through nearby water supplies that could contaminate water used for human consumption. We help make sure that runoff is diverted properly without causing any harm or damage to the environment.

You can count on PDC Laboratory's stormwater testing and other services, which include the following:

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