Site Remediation in Illinois

PDC Labs is the environmental testing lab trusted for site remediation in Illinois. Our site remediation services can help homes, schools, and businesses to clean up the soil, bodies of water, groundwater, and air that may be filled with harmful substances that directly affect human health and the environment. Our site remediation includes analyses of soil, groundwater, and building debris, working cooperatively with environmental consulting engineers for the sampling and analytical testing of building and construction debris. 

As part of our commitment to perform site remediation in Illinois, PDC Laboratories has provided environmental analytical testing services to over one hundred environmental consulting firms in the Midwest. Major processes involved in site remediation in Illinois that include exploratory groundwater and soil sampling, site development, and facility clean-ups are all performed with the latest methods and equipment to ensure that only the most pertinent data and results are delivered.

As a trusted, accredited environmental testing lab, PDC Laboratories can help with a variety of testing and analytical services, including: 

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