Septic Tank Testing Missouri

A septic tank system is a conventional onsite wastewater system. A septic system is an individual wastewater treatment system that uses bacteria to treat small amounts of wastewater at a time. Septic systems are typically found in rural areas and other areas where public sewers are not available. Septic tank testing in Missouri is regularly performed on septic tank systems to make sure that all waste is correctly contained and harmful leaks in the tank are not present.

Because all septic systems are individually designed for the specific site, septic tank testing in Missouri may vary from system to system. But since most septic systems operate based on the same principles, the testing procedures and the parameters to be tested are quite similar. Septic tank testing in Missouri ensures that the tank allows the heavy solids and the lighter scum materials in the wastewater to separate from the liquids. It should hold the solid waste material and prevent it from reaching the soil.

Signs that You Need Septic Tank Testing in Missouri

When it comes to septic tank testing in Missouri, it is important to keep the level of scum and sludge from building up and nearing the inlet or outlet baffles. If this happens, the scum or sludge could plug up the entries or be carried out to the drainfield. The cost of repairing the damage caused by a faulty septic system is far greater than having regular septic tank testing in Missouri. Even without testing, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends having your tank pumped every three to four years.

There are signs that your system needs septic tank testing in Missouri immediately. If drains in the house empty slowly or do not drain at all, or when sewage backs up into the house through drain lines, then you should probably have your septic system checked. If there are any wet, smelly spots in the yards, or if the dishwasher or laundry drain into the yard starts to smell, then these are also signs of a faulty septic system. You may want to have your septic tank tested the soonest that you can.

Professional Septic Tank Testing in Missouri

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