PDC Labs is a water testing lab providing school lead testing in Illinois & Missouri. We are an NELAP-accredited environmental testing lab, trusted by the EPA and UCMR4 to provide accurate school lead testing.





Schools built prior to 1/1/1987 must comply by 12/31/2017


Schools built between 1/2/1987 and 1/1/2000 must comply by 12/31/2018


Schools built after 1/1/2000 are currently not covered under this law.


Analysis must be done by an accredited laboratory.


Sampling required for schools “occupied by more than 10 children or students, pre-kindergarten

        through 5th grade”………..

Two samples must be collected from each “source of potable water."


Potable water as defined in the law:  “Source of potable water means the point at which non-

        bottled water that may be ingested by children or used for food preparation exits any tap,

        faucet, drinking fountain, wash basin in a classroom occupied by children or students under

        grade 1, or similar point of use; provided, however, that all (a) bathroom sinks and (b) wash

        basins used by janitorial staff are excluded from this definition.”


Required sample container volume is 250ml.


The first sample is a “first flush” and the second sample is after 30 seconds of flushing

        subsequent to the first flush sample.


As part of our school lead testing, PDC Laboratories will provide all proper sample containers and sample collection paperwork.


Because these samples are being collected at schools, required acid preservatives will be added to the containers after they are received at the laboratory.


Samples must be delivered to the laboratory such that the laboratory receives them no later than 10 days from the date of collection. This allows the lab time to properly preserve the samples.


After receipt of results from laboratory, the results should be emailed to IDPH at


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Contact us if you have questions:  Kurt Stepping, Senior Project Manager,, 309-683-1719

Legislature Related to School Lead Testing