PDC Laboratories provides a variety of testing for residential homeowners. Whether you are concerned about asbestos containing materials, the quality of your drinking water, lead based paint or maintaining your septic systems, we can help. PDC Laboratories will provide the homeowner with any special sampling instructions along with the proper sample containers for the tests they choose.

For homeowners who purchase water from the city or a community water supply, you should call your city hall and/or public utilities department for inquiries on your water quality issues. Water plant operators are certified to operate under the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) so they must be in compliance with state requirements as well. The EPA establishes limits on the concentrations of certain contaminants that would pose a public health threat if present in elevated levels in public drinking water supplies. These limits, or standards, are set to protect public health by ensuring good quality water.

Private well owners are generally not required to test their drinking water to meet standards.  For homeowners who rely on their private well for drinking water, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure the quality of their water is safe for drinking. 

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