Landfill Monitoring in Missouri

There are many potential environmental problems associated with the landfilling of waste. Landfill monitoring in Missouri mitigates these problems that may include possible contamination of the groundwater and surface water, the uncontrolled migration of landfill gas, and the generation of odor, noise, dust and other nuisances. By knowing the levels of pollution in a given landfill, measures can be set to avoid the destruction of nearby environments.

Without landfill monitoring in Missouri, leachate will be left to accumulate and its rising levels can affect the groundwater. Harmful chemicals that are byproducts of the degradation of organic and inorganic wastes may seep through the unsaturated level of the ground and reach groundwater. Because groundwater is not stagnant, the contamination may reach areas where groundwater is used as a reservoir for human use. Landfill monitoring in Missouri prevents these harmful events from occurring.

Landfill Gas Monitoring in Missouri

Aside from leachate control, landfill monitoring in Missouri is also about controlling landfill gas. Landfill gas is a natural byproduct of waste decomposition from certain types of trash thrown in a landfill such as wood and paper. The principal components of landfill gas are methane and carbon dioxide. Methane becomes potentially dangerous when it migrates into confined spaces in high concentrations. These confined spaces can range from trenches or cavities in the soil to buildings.

Landfill monitoring in Missouri is needed since methane can be potentially dangerous. They are particularly flammable or explosive at concentrations between 5 to 15 percent by volume. In addition to the risk of explosion, higher concentrations of methane in confined spaces can displace the oxygen and may lead to suffocation. Landfill monitoring in Missouri protects public health and safety by regulating the methane found in the soil at a landfill property boundary to around 2.5 percent.

Quality Landfill Monitoring in Missouri

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