Landfill Monitoring in Illinois

Evaluating leachate for organic and inorganic constituents in landfills in Illinois allows us to look into groundwater conditions and make sure that they are at safe and manageable levels. Landfill monitoring in Illinois may indicate leachate quality that is strongly affected by the type and amount of waste in a landfill facility. If not monitored, alkalinic leachate composition may seep through the unsaturated barrier and into the groundwater level.

Some of the alkalines detected through landfill monitoring in Illinois include sulfates, sodium plus potassium, calcium plus magnesium, chloride, and iron plus manganese. Trace metals can also be found in the leachate composition, including copper, zinc, and boron. These substances would definitely increase the toxicity of the groundwater, should the leachate be allowed to seep through without intervention.

Facilities where landfill monitoring in Illinois is required through the Division of Land Pollution Control of the Environmental Protection Agency include permitted non-hazardous and hazardous waste landfills, land-based hazardous waste units such as surface impoundments, and similar units undergoing closure where contamination has possibly migrated to the groundwater.

Expert Landfill Monitoring in Illinois

PDC Laboratories' processes for landfill monitoring in Illinois include programs for groundwater, sediment and leachate sampling. We have closely monitored activities for over 35 landfills in the Midwest. We provide a high level of consistency and the expertise needed to produce reliable and defensible analytical data. Over many years, landfill monitoring in Illinois has kept our groundwater safe from contaminants that may be brought about by leachate seepage.

PDC Laboratories is committed to the protection of groundwater by constant landfill monitoring in Illinois. We aim for better management of the groundwater data submitted to measure a landfill's impact on groundwaters of the State. We can assist you by providing the most effective and cost efficient testing protocols for your specific permit requirements. We recognize the importance of landfill monitoring in Illinois, not only for current conditions, but also for the future environmental stability.

Professional Landfill Monitoring in Illinois

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