Groundwater Testing Missouri

Groundwater resources support many urban, rural, and farming communities around the State of Missouri. Aquifers are a source of water for drinking, irrigation, stock supply, bottling, and many other uses. As industrial and agricultural development in the state increases, the demand for water also steadily grows. Groundwater testing in Missouri ensures the quality of groundwater being utilized for different purposes.

Understanding the factors that can affect the quality of groundwater is vital in managing this important resource. Monitoring data on groundwater quality is an integral aspect of groundwater management. Sampling of groundwater for analysis of its chemical constituents is also part of this strategy. Ideally, groundwater testing in Missouri should be carried out on a regular basis where groundwater is being extracted for a variety of uses.

Data-Intensive Groundwater Testing in Missouri

The foundation of any good groundwater testing and analysis is the availability of high-quality data. Groundwater testing in Missouri, including analyses that propose and evaluate alternative management strategies, considers different types of data. Principal types include precipitation data, hydrologic data, geologic and hydrogeologic maps, and a history of water levels in different parts of groundwater systems that all form part of the general overview of a groundwater's current condition.

Detailed baseline data on groundwater help ensure the protection of this resource and the environment. Groundwater testing in Missouri takes these data and identifies local groundwater aquifers that are fit to be sources of water for human use. Samples from these sources of water are taken to establish baseline conditions for quality groundwater in the area. Monitoring the water quality on an ongoing basis can determine if there has been any impact as a result of any contaminant operation.

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