Groundwater Testing Illinois

Groundwater is the part of precipitation that seeps down through the soil until it reaches rock material that is saturated with water. Groundwater testing in Illinois makes sure that the water stored in the spaces between rock particles are free from contamination caused by pollutants that are considered harmful to humans and their activities. Because groundwater is being replaced as it slowly moves underground at a downward angle, it is advised to have regular groundwater testing in Illinois.

The quality of water from private water supplies such as those from wells at individual homes should undergo groundwater testing in Illinois. It is the responsibility of the well owner to ensure a safe drinking water supply. Because of gravity that shifts the groundwater regularly, it is also recommended that all well owners have their water tested periodically. Contaminated water that was present in an area may have transferred to another after a certain period of time.

What is Checked in Groundwater Testing in Illinois?

Knowing the complete profile of the water is the aim of groundwater testing in Illinois. It is necessary for the private well owner to routinely test the groundwater for common contaminants including total coliform bacteria, nitrates, and lead. These harmful contaminants must be prevented from entering our system, or being used for irrigation or livestock consumption. Groundwater testing in Illinois can test whether these substances are present in the groundwater.

Aside from playing a vital part in human activities, groundwater also has a very important role in our environment. It supports rivers and wetlands, especially through drier months when there is little direct input from rainfall. It is therefore essential for private industrial companies and construction sites who directly affect the groundwater condition in their operations to have groundwater testing in Illinois. Knowing the environmental impact of their processes can help reduce the amount of contaminants.

Quality Groundwater Testing in Illinois

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