Groundwater Analysis Missouri

There is an immense amount of water in aquifers below the earth's surface. As a matter fact, there is a hundred times more water in the ground than in all of the world's rivers and lakes combined. Much of this groundwater is used by man for many of his domestic tasks. It is therefore important to have groundwater analysis in Missouri to make sure that the groundwater you are using is safe and contaminant-free.

Groundwater is not always fresh enough for use without treatment. Groundwater analysis in Missouri allows us to locate usable groundwater, or measure and describe the usability of the groundwater in an area. Because the different levels of contamination may relate to different human tasks, groundwater analysis in Missouri can recommend a certain area's groundwater use. For example, the results can say whether groundwater in an area is safe for human consumption or just for irrigation.

Expert Groundwater Analysis in Missouri

Water's taste, smell, or color is not necessarily an indicator of water quality. Many of the most hazardous contaminants are undetectable to the senses. The only way to detect most pollutants is by expert groundwater analysis in Missouri. PDC Laboratories is equipped to provide you with real-time data as to the current situation of your groundwater condition. This allows you to have peace of mind in knowing that your groundwater is safe and clean.

Our laboratories can provide services for groundwater analysis at multiple locations in Missouri. These sites may range from active, operating substations to close manufactured gas plant (MGP) facilities. We test for different groundwater properties such as organic, inorganic, general chemistry, biological, and monitored natural attenuation parameters. The results can tell us if major pollutants nearby can render the groundwater unfit for human usage.

Professional Groundwater Analysis in Missouri

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