Environmental Consultants in Missouri

PDC Laboratories is component of a group of environmental companies that enjoys an 85-year tradition of excellent service. PDC’s owners and management are environmental consultants in Missouri who are close to the company’s operations to ensure client satisfaction. The relationship between us, our clients, and the environment allows our company to quickly identify and respond to changing regulatory, technological and market conditions.

As environmental consultants in Missouri, environmental stability and consistency is what we consider as crucial factors to everyone's success. Businesses come to us to make sure that their projects adhere to environmental standards and their processes do not cause harm to health or the environment. We perform tests and set standards that protect the environment and preserve the sustainability that every business owner longs for.

Experienced Environmental Consultants in Missouri

As expert environmental consultants in Missouri, PDC Laboratories has provided environmental analytical testing services for over 100 environmental consulting firms in the Midwest. PDC Laboratories is an environmental consulting firm that assures you of only the best facilities and service. You can be assured that our lab meets certification requirements, has the capacity for your project, can meet the necessary turnaround time, and provide your data in the required format.

PDC receives over 10,000 samples per month. We perform approximately 38,000 analytical tests during the same period. Computerized scheduling and an experienced project manager make sure that large projects are accommodated. These environmental consultants in Missouri can provide analytical support on a wide range of remediation projects. Protocols can be established to meet data requirements that can be provided in an electronic format along with customizable data deliverables.

Professional Environmental Consultants in Missouri

PDC Labs is dedicated in bringing sustainable development. That's why we are professional in all the services that we provide, including the following:

Over 900 cities and townships are served by PDC Laboratories.

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