E coli Testing Illinois

PDC Labs is one of the leaders in E Coli testing in Illinois. Certain strains of this bacteria can cause food poisoning in their hosts and can become life-threatening, which makes E Coli testing incredibly important for homes, businesses, and schools. 

Water Testing Labs for total coliform, fecal coliform, and E. coli bacteria

These three categories of coliform bacteria are measures of the water quality:

  • Water testing for total coliform bacteria

    Commonly found in the environment, total coliform bacteria found during water testing are more probable to be from the environment rather than from feces, etc.

  • Water testing for fecal coliform bacteria

    When fecal coliform bacteria are discovered to be in a water sample, it is often an indicator of recent contamination, which could mean that the bacteria / pathogens are possibly still present in the sample.

  • Water testing for E. coli bacteria

    When E. coli is determined to be in a water sample, it is also an indicator of recent fecal contamination and it is again probable that pathogens / bacteria are still present in the water sample.


Water testing procedures for coliform bacteria:

  • Membrane Filter
  • Multiple Tube Fermentation
  • MPN - Most Probable Number
  • MMO-MUG ("Colilert")

Expert E. Coli Testing in Illinois

PDC Laboratories offers a wide range of microbiological analysis techniques to perform E. coli testing in Illinois. Our microbial analysis usually involves culture and biochemical methods that detect the amount of harmful strains of E. coli from various sources. In this way, we can recommend whether a product, water, or food supply is safe for consumption or needs to be addressed.

Professional E. Coli Testing in Illinois

You can count on the professional services of PDC Labs, which also include the following:

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