Drinking Water Testing Illinois

Routine water testing is important for homes, schools, businesses and any place depending on a common water supply. PDC Labs offers testing for homes and facilities in both Illinois and Missouri. To learn more or to get a free estimate, click the link below.

Drinking Water Testing from PDC 

If you have a private well, then drinking water testing in Illinois should be important to you and your family. If you own a bottling company that provides drinking water to residential or commercial establishments, drinking water testing in Illinois is also important to make sure that you are supplying safe and clean drinking water. Because water is a basic need, testing for potability should be one of the primary processes that it should undergo.

Clean and contaminant free drinking water is the goal of drinking water testing in Illinois. Some contaminants in drinking water have been linked to toxicity and may often have carcinogenic properties, posing a risk to human health. Many of these contaminants are not easily detected by the consumer because they often have no taste, odor, or color. Their presence can only be determined by drinking water testing in Illinois.

Collecting Samples for Drinking Water Testing in Illinois

PDC Laboratories recommends that all homeowners with private wells bring in samples for drinking water testing. Our accredited laboratory facilities will be able to identify whether your water is safe for drinking or not. Start by bringing a sample of your drinking water to us. It is important to collect your sample properly because the accuracy of the test results depends on it.
PDC Laboratories tests for the indicators of bacterial contamination such as coliforms and E. coli. We also test for other contaminants such as chemicals. It is also important for homeowners to have regular drinking water testing in Illinois because the quality of the water can change frequently. The best way to make sure that your drinking water is constantly safe is to test it often. If you have a concern about the quality of your drinking water, PDC Laboratories will be able to help.

Accurate Drinking Water Testing in Illinois

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