Dioxin Testing in Illinois

Dioxins are harmful organic substances that result from various chemical reactions. These substances are produced as by-products of a number of industrial processes as well as some natural processes that involve combustion. Although dioxins are usually present in very small quantities, they are considered toxic and very persistent in the environment. Dioxin testing in Illinois is performed to measure the dioxin levels in the environment, both in the air and water.

Dioxin testing in Illinois monitors the levels of a number of different substances in the environment including chlorinated dioxins, dibenzofurans and dioxin-like PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls). Although there are a number of substances involved, dioxin testing in Illinois measures the concentration that is usually expressed as 'toxic equivalents', or the amount of toxic dioxins present, which is the figure needed for risk assessment.

Reasons for Dioxin Testing in Illinois

Dioxin testing in Illinois is needed because there are a number of human activities that produce these harmful substances in the environment. The simple task of backyard burning of dried leaves can produce significant amounts of these substances in the air. Other sources of dioxin include the use of diesel heavy-duty trucks, industrial wood combustion, the use of diesel off-road equipment, automobiles using leaded gasoline, and trash incineration.

In addition, kilns that combust hazardous waste, petroleum refining, cigarette smoking, industrial furnaces, and crematoria all add to the levels of dioxins in the atmosphere. Dioxin testing in Illinois checks for the current air conditions and allows experts to make assessments and appropriate recommendations to concerned entities regarding the mitigation of these harmful substances.

Professional Dioxin Testing in Illinois

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