Your Source For Wastewater Compliance Monitoring: 

Whether is is NPDES analyses, Industrial Pre-treatment Monitoring or trouble shooting, PDC Laboratories routinely performs influent, effluent, stormwater and other discharges monitoring. As part of our waste water testing capabilities, we analyze everything from routine BOD, TSS to them more complex heavy metals and Total Toxics Organics Scan. PDC Labs can also complete discharge monitoring reports on the NET DMR system on your behalf as well as perform biosolid (metals, nutrients, and fecals) testing requirements for the US EPA 503 Land Application regulations. 


PDC Labs provides the appropriate requlatory containers for specific test samples along with chain of custody forms. For your convenience, you can download our forms and instructions to save or print. 

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Courier and pick-up services are also available in select regions. Click here for more information on our courier services. 

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