Legionella Testing

Legionnaires' disease has recently been in the spotlight, due to an increase in outbreaks at nursing home facilities and hotels. The Centers for Medicare @ Medicaid Services (CMS) is now requiring long-term care facilities to develop a water management plan to reduce the risk of growth and spread of legionella and other opportunistic pathogens. Legionella bacteria can reside in showerheads, spray faucets, and hot water heaters.

Routine monitoring of Legionella is a simple way to validate the effectiveness of a water management program. Additionally, PDC Laboratories can provide testing for pseudomonas, which is an opportunistic pathogen that can cause infection in immuno-compromised patients in a hospital setting.

For more information on Legionella and microbiological testing, please contact Heather Weekley at hweekley@pdclab.com or 1-800-751-6651 x 1766.