Groundwater Analysis & Testing

Through our water testing labs in Illinois & Missouri, PDC Laboratories can provide analytical services for groundwater testing & monitoring at multiple locations for small to large energy companies with multiple operations. Sites range from active, operating substations to close manufactured gas plant (MGP) facilities.

Site-specific analytical programs encompass testing for organic, inorganic, general chemistry, biological and monitored natural attenuation parameters. PDC field service teams can provide low-flow groundwater sample collection services following client specific site safety protocols.

As part of our environmental testing services, PDC Laboratories also provides analyses of soil, groundwater and building debris working cooperatively with environmental engineering to support the decommissioning of power facilities, maintaining the safe and proper handling of samples taken during the decommissioning process.

For more information, please contact Gail Schindler at or 1-800-752-6651 x1716.

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