Utilizing Spectrophotometric Technology

Our environmental testing includes chlorophyll testing, where the spectrophotometric determination of Chlorophyll (a) is performed according to Standard Method 10200 H. PDC Laboratories also has the capability to analyze Chlorophyll (b), Chlorophyll (c) and Pheophytin. Due to the short hold time of the samples, you have the option to filter at your location and freeze to extend the hold time. If you would like to utilize this option contact PDC and special arrangements can be made. You also have the option to have your chlorophyll samples filtered at our laboratory.

Chlorophyll Testing

PDC Laboratories, LLC offers Chlorophyll testing nationwide. Our Chlorophyll testing helps with the monitoring of rivers, lakes, and ponds. 

While finding some chlorophyll in your water is normal, it becomes dangerous beyond a certain point. Algae can contaminate water and reach the reservoirs that contain water for domestic use. With chlorophyll testing, the amount of algae can be monitored and controlled to manageable levels. PDC Laboratories can alert you of harmful levels.

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