Our Values

Committed To Accurate, Reliable Water Testing & Analysis

Although each employee at PDC Laboratories, Inc. has a unique set of individual moral values, we come together as a family of diverse individuals with a set of shared moral values based on certain fundamental principles. Any trust and cooperation within an organization must be based on respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, fairness, and prudence.

The mission of PDC Laboratories, Inc. is to generate and report data of known and documented quality in a fashion that meets our client’s requirements. As stewards of the environment, we are dedicated in providing sound environmental testing & analysis to those who seek to protect the environment. These clients deserve the same quality of service and treatment as we bestow on members of our own families.

Our service is accomplished through our company’s core values and

  • Being ever mindful of our responsibility to our clients,

  • Using prudence in our decision-making process,

  • Providing fairness to all,

  • Demonstrating respect for each other, and

  • Never compromising our integrity.