Forms & Instructions

Many of our forms can be filled out electronically and saved for future use. This helps our sample control technicians log in your samples more accurately and saves you time!

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Peoria Location

Missouri Locations

Chicago Location

    Chain of Custody Chain of Custody - Springfield Chain of Custody  
   Chain of Custody - Bacti Chain of Custody - St. Louis Chain of Custody - Bacti  
  Chain of Custody - Fluoride   Chain of Custody - Fluoride    
  Chain of Custody - Instructions Chain of Custody - Extra Page  
  ClientConnect Access Form Credit Application Form  

IDPH Schools and Businesses Drinking Water Sampling Instructions

IEPA Municipal Drinking Water Sampling Instructions

Senate Bill 0550 Lead Testing

  HAA Sampling Instructions Bacti Sampling Instructions Illinois Schools Lead Testing Fact Sheet
  IOC Sampling Instructions Fluoride Sampling Instructions Sampling Instructions for Schools
  Metals Sampling Instructions HAA Sampling Instructions Illinois Schools Lead Testing COC
  Nitrate/Nitrite Sampling Instructions IOC Sampling Instructions  
  PBCU Sampling Instructions M504 Sampling Instructions  
  SOC Full List Sampling Instructions M515 Sampling Instructions  
  SOC Short List Sampling Instructions M525 Sampling Instructions  
  THM Sampling Instructions Metals Sampling Instructions  
  THM/HAA Sampling Instructions Nitrate/Nitrite Sampling Instructions  
  VOC Sampling Instructions PBCU Sampling Instructions  
    RAD Sampling Instructions  
    SOC Full List Sampling Instructions  
    THM Sampling Instructions  
    THM/HAA Sampling Instructions 
    VOC Sampling Instructions