Environmental Consultants in Illinois

PDC Laboratories is dedicated to being responsible environmental consultants in Illinois. The work that we do requires us to have a unique set of moral values that are geared towards environmental consciousness based on sound fundamental principles. It is our mission to test, generate, and report data of known and documented quality in a fashion that meets our client’s requirements, and make recommendations based on what is good for the health and the environment.

As environmental consultants in Illinois, we consider ourselves as stewards of the environment. Our dedication in providing sound environmental services transcends our vision of environmentally sustainable communities. We help those who seek to protect the environment. Our clients deserve the same quality of service and treatment as our passion in preserving the environment for future generations.

Expert Environmental Consultants in Illinois

We at PDC Laboratories consider ourselves as expert environmental consultants in Illinois. For 85 years, we have been providing quality and responsive service to our clients with our modern and up-to-date facilities. Our laboratories are all NELAP certified (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program). Our core competencies and accomplishments have allowed us to become one of the top environmental consultants in Illinois.

Whether you are a company that requires environmental tests for your project or product, or you are a business owner who is looking at the environmental impact of your undertaking, we are glad to be of service. PDC Laboratories is composed of the most experienced environmental consultants in Illinois who is willing to help you by providing reliable data and recommendations. PDC Laboratories is your environmental partner in the success of your project and the preservation of the environment.

Professional Environmental Consultants in Illinois

For quality service, only professional environmental consultants should do the job. PDC Laboratories also offers the following:

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