Chlorophyll Testing Illinois

Chlorophyll is the green substance that plants use to make their food. During photosynthesis, plants both on land and water use this pigment to synthesize sunlight and other elements that produce their food. Microscopic algae in the water also contain chlorophyll. Therefore, the chlorophyll concentration is a measure of the amount of microscopic algae present in the water. Chlorophyll testing in Illinois is performed to measure the amount of algae present in a body of water.

These algae serve as food for larger organisms and also produce oxygen that many other organisms need to survive. However, if there is a significant amount of algae as shown through chlorophyll testing in Illinois, the condition can be more harmful than beneficial. Algal bloom can contaminate the water that can reach through the reservoirs that contain water for domestic use. With chlorophyll testing in Illinois, the amount of algae can be monitored and controlled to manageable levels.


Importance of Chlorophyll Testing in Illinois


Chlorophyll testing in Illinois measures the distribution of microscopic living plant-matter, more commonly known as phytoplankton. This procedure is essential for scientists, researchers, and aquatic resource managers to have an overview of the current condition of a body of water when it comes to the amount of algae found in it. Through chlorophyll testing in Illinois, aquatic experts can create accurate models of safe and dangerous levels of algal bloom.


Through chlorophyll testing in Illinois, an understanding of the phytoplankton population and its distribution enables researchers to draw conclusions about a water body’s health, composition, and ecological status. The results of chlorophyll testing in Illinois can alert authorities of possible eutrophication, and remedy the problem before it causes adverse effects to the environment and to human water consumption.


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